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                There will be 2 sweeps & 4 specialty shows on September 21-13, 2018 in Columbia SC

Location is South Congaree Horse Arena
301 Oak St
West Columbia SC 29172

For Judging Program go to our Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/groups/grchasweimclub/




GCWC was founded in 1982  by 8 Weimaraner enthusiasts and since that time we have become one of the most active clubs in the Weimaraner Club of America's family of local clubs.

We host specialties, hunting tests, retrieving ratings, shooting ratings, handling classes, field practice,  field seminars.  In addition, we are actively involved in Weimaraner Rescue.  The strength of our club is entirely due to  a small group of very energetic and talented club members.


    2019 Dues are Due!
        Now you can pay your dues with Pay Pal!

$20 Single; $25 family

You may send via PayPal thru FAMILY & FRIENDS OPTION
In NOTES state your name(s), postal address, telephone & email to
Make sure you send all your information including:
names, address, phone and email so we can keep
our records up to date for AKC. 

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Greater Charleston Weimaraner Club





Be careful when purchasing a Weimaraner puppy from  "backyard puppy producers".  Most of these people know nothing about our breed and produce puppies solely for money.  They do no health or temperament clearances and if you run into a problem with the puppy, they want nothing to do with you.  Our club cleans up after irresponsible backyard puppy producers when their pups grow up and get discarded!   See  www.weimrescuesc.org

 WARNING!  if the breeders say their pups are not AKC registered because of some weird reason  RUN TO YOUR CAR!  This means AKC has inspected them and because their operation was filthy and/or substandard, they can no longer register pups with AKC!  Often they make up some lame story about how they "don't use AKC because they support something or other" but the truth is they are BANNED BY AKC!!  The "puppy mill registries" do not inspect any of these slime operations and will register anything submitted that pays their fee. Such registries may include Continental kennel club, Pet Registry of America, Dog Registry of America, National Kennel club etc, - all formed to get registration money from those  SUBSTANDARD operations who have lost  AKC registration privileges. GO TO: www.demandakcpapers.com,


1.  Make certain both parents have OFA  or PennHip certifications proving that they do NOT have hip dysplasia.  Ask for a copy of these certifications (do not take their word for it).  If they have never heard of hip certifications or demean it, run for the door!

2.  Make certain that the dam of the pups is over 2 yrs old and less than 7 yrs old, that the pups are over 7 wks of age and  that the seller will refund your money should something go wrong with the puppy (full refund within 90 days) or partial refund within 1 yr.  Get it in writing.

3.  BLUE WEIMARANERS:  Blue Weimaraners come from a black gene and this is a DISQUALIFYING FAULT in the Weimaraner Club of America.  Blue Weimaraners are NOT rare.  All Blue Weims are deliberately produced by puppy producers so they can dupe the uninformed buyer.  All it takes to produce blue pups is to breed a blue to a blue or a grey to a blue or a grey to any black dog.  It is UNETHICAL in the Weimaraner Club of America to breed Blue Weimaraners.

If you really want a Blue Weimaraner please contact the Texas Rescue organizations who are overloaded  from puppy mills with both blues and greys! http://www.lonestarweimclub.org/rescue.htm  and http://www.weimrescuetexas.org

4.  Here is a list of HEALTH ISSUES in the Weimaraner

fosters those dogs that can be salvaged, spays or neuters them and finds good homes for them.  Before going to a puppy producer, please consider adopting a Rescue Weimaraner!  If we don't have one for you then we can find one from the Weimaraner Rescue of SC or Tarheel Weimaraner Club in Raleigh or from other Weimaraner Clubs.



  We love our breed!

We are part of the nationwide network of  Weimaraner Club of America local clubs; if we don't have a breeder with pups in this area, we can contact many ethical breeders all over the nation and find a quality puppy for you.

WCA Ethical Breeders have many years of knowledge about our breed and belong to the Weimaraner Club of America where they continue their education by involvement in Weimaraner seminars and activities. 

1.   Ethical breeders have OFA or PennHip certifications on the parents of their puppies proving that they are free of hip dysplasia, many also have various other clearances such as thyroid, heart, eye, elbows and stud dogs are DNA certified by the American Kennel Club. Puppies are kept with their mother for at least 5 wks and the litter is kept together and socialized until 7-8 wks of age before going to new homes. 

2.  Ethical breeders  will provide a 3-5 generation pedigree, medical information, written instructions and articles on the care and training of the new puppy, and sponsor your membership to the Weimaraner Club of America.  They will encourage you to learn about the breed by joining the local Weimaraner club and attending training sessions for obedience, show or field.

2.  Ethical breeders want to make certain that the puppy will be in a GOOD HOME above all else, and will work with the new family  to teach them about the breed and about the best type of training.

3. Ethical breeders NEVER breed Blues or Longhairs.  They plan their litters and the only puppies that are deliberately produced are grey shorthaired pups.

4.  Ethical breeders have worked and trained the dam of the puppies showing that they are correct for the breed by earning their AKC championships.  In order to find the best match, often, the mother of the puppies has been bred to a stud dog owned by another WCA member (sometimes all the way to California!), they rarely breed their own dogs together.  They try to find the best stud dog for their particular bitch. 

5.  Most  Ethical breeders have trained their dogs in the field, showing that these dogs have the correct hunting instinct, and so they will have earned several field titles.  Quality puppies (depending on the breeding and if show potential or pet quality) with champion parents should cost from $800-$2500.

6.  Ethical breeders will always refund your purchase price or take the puppy back at any age if  the home doesn't work out because they know they are responsible for bringing this puppy into the world and will be responsible for the puppy for their entire life.  They NEVER want their puppy to be in a home where he isn't wanted!


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These pages  are  dedicated to our hardworking club members whose efforts to host quality events for Weimaraners has contributed greatly to the enjoyment of our breed



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